Graphic* Rewilding – Westfield

'We waited with baited breath (and everything crossed!), in the hope that our Graphic* Rewilding Westfield project would be featured in The Guardian’s Design News section – and After Nyne nailed it! It was the cherry on the cake… as we had obtained so much wonderful press. It was a hugely rewarding result.'

Lee Baker, Graphic* Rewilding

Graphic* Rewilding – Westfield

The Brief:

As part of a project to regenerate the upper level of The Village, Westfield London commissioned visionary artists Baker+Borowoski to create an immersive, art-slash-nature experience to inspire Londoners of all ages. Renowned for their creative takeovers of urban spaces, the duo developed an ambitious installation that was comprised of numerous eight-metre-high panels which wrapped around the walls of the vast circular atrium of level one of The Village. By accessing QR codes on the floor, the bold floral artwork quite literally ‘came to life’ with augmented reality, to reveal a dynamic abstract meadow for visitors to experience.

Our Approach:

This collaboration allowed us to highlight the impact that a top end retailer can make when giving an artist the opportunity to bring art to life, without placing a corporate stamp on the project. By linking the artwork’s theme of a wild meadow with Westfield’s location in Shepherd’s Bush (originally a common land used by Shepherd’s on their way to Smithfield Market), we were able to emphasise both the retail location as well as the key theme of the artwork. This, coupled with an emphasis on how nature has a crucial impact on mental well-being in urban locations, meant that we were able to achieve coverage in the Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Creative Boom, London Live, Design Insider, and many more.


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Graphic* Rewilding – Westfield

'Graphic* Rewilding’s latest venture gives a new imaginative twist to city landscapes' – The Guardian

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