Visions of Home – Wembley Park

'Working with After Nyne was a valuable collaboration that went beyond the traditional scope of PR. Their suggestions around media and partnerships had a real impact on our artistic programme. The idea of using a six story banner in front of Wembley Stadium to promote our Ukrainian artist-focused summer art trail was brilliant, and provided us with a second wave of press that pushed our messaging even further than we had hoped.'

Josh Mcnorton, Cultural Director, Wembley Park

Visions of Home – Wembley Park

The Brief:

'For their summer art trail, Wembley Park’s curatorial director Josh McNorton presented ‘Visions of Home,’ a public art collection of photographs, installations and digital works by Ukrainian artists. The exhibition aimed to showcase a resilient and hopeful country, and to keep the war in the public conscience. The exhibition introduced guest curator and artist Ira Lapu, who sought to feature imagery that portrayed the beauty of Ukraine and its people, rather than the war-torn imagery depicted in the global media.

Our Approach:

Ira Lapu’s personal associations with Ukraine, coupled with her own stunning photography, allowed us to tell a different story about the country and its communities. Ira returned to Ukraine after the initial launch of the art trail, taking further intimate photographs of people in a new stage of physical and psychological existence. The resulting photographs prompted us to suggest that a six story banner be erected at Wembley Park. The banner image went viral in the press; and was a lead story on the coveted BBC news app.


Ira Lapu, Wembley Park

'The ‘real beauty of Ukraine and its people’ is being showcased in a public art display in north-west London' – BBC News

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